Monday, March 31, 2008

Take a Glance at Melaleuca for $1 **LAST DAY**

Today is the last day for $1 enrollments into Melaleuca and to place your first order. If you have not seen my blogs on MySpace or heard about Melaleuca, I will give you a little blurb on what it is and why I became involved. Please take a few minutes to read over this and see if it interests you at all. If you still want to read more, I will gladly send you copies of my blog!!

First, I became involved almost a year ago, purchasing Melaleuca when a friend just happened to catch me at the right time. George had recently had eye surgery and was using eye drops constantly. Well, Katie found a bottle of Alyssa’s nail glue for prom, and thought they were eye drops. We got lucky that she did not get them in her eyes, just her finger attached to her eye brow. Katie seems to be really curious as she gets older rather than younger ages, so when I got the IM and then call regarding Melaleuca, I welcomed the products!!

What is it? OK, Melaleuca is a manufacturer of eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning and laundry supplies as well as health and beauty products, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. Many of their products were derived from Melaleuca Oil, or “tea tree oil”. Many of Melaleuca’s products are certified as “organic”.

Now, when I mentioned $1 enrollments I am sure you got thinking “what is it”? If you were to go to the website, you would see 2 prices for the items. The PC price is lower, that is preferred customer, and that is what your enrollment gets you. There is another requirement for being a PC and that is you must make monthly purchases of 35 points or around $60. Each product has a points value if you look at the website and pricing. Now, you may think that sounds like a lot, but think of how much you spend on cleaning items, laundry soap, shampoos, soaps, vitamins, OTC medicines, toothpaste, etc per month. I would imagine it is around if not over that $60 range. One thing to also remember, most of the items are in concentrate form in the cleaning supplies! One bottle of the Tough and Tender is a multi-purpose spray is $5.24 at the PC price and it will make 4 regular size spray bottles of cleaner. That is $1.31 per bottle and you will not get 409, Lysol, Clorox or anything comparable for that price per bottle.

For those of you still skeptical, there are numerous sites where you can get good and bad reviews on Melaleuca, as you can with any products line. I can tell you of my experiences first-hand, and I would not ask anyone to look at the products had I not believed in them. I love the fresh smells, I love their cleaning strength, and I love that even my husband has started telling me when we need to order something and not going to the store and buying off the shelf.

Now, with this information, you are encouraged to ask me more questions! If you have no more, great, but I think you will. Yes, you can make money and become a marketing director, which is what I have decided to do after almost a year of using the products, but you are not obligated, you can just use the products and begin to live healthier! You can use them in your business and it is a tax break! You can use them in your home and you begin to live healthier!

Here are a few things you may find interesting:

'Every Melaleuca product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any EcoSense product fails to meet your highest expectations, contact us within 60 days for a full credit or exchange.'

"Melaleuca's products are natural consumable products with ingredients whose properties have been verified or improved scientifically. Only well-researched ingredients of the highest quality are used in the products.

"The products that Melaleuca researches, develops and manufactures are products that we all use 20+ times per day. Products that are completely recession proof as we will continue to brush our teeth and wash our clothes etc no matter what the state of the economy."

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