Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time for an Update

Good Mornin! LOL only been up since 5am and fell asleep after 1...gonna drag some butt today! Sooo, been a few since an update from the household! Here goes! I put in my 2 weeks at work. I made the decision after a few days of nastiness at home on my part. It is taking its toll me being gone all night...well, 6-11 is not all night, but I see G not at all on weekdays, he is sound asleep when I get home and I am getting tired of doing dishes at midnight! Plus, G will be starting yet another school for his MOS, and can not guarantee that he will be home for me to get to work by 6 (we are not leaving Katie without one of us). So, putting in 2 weeks enables me to be rehireable. With that said, I have been "coached" twice for going over my 5 hour mark 2 days last week, and I know I did again on Monday. Well, no one told me I had to be out by 10:59 and not 11pm so not to violate the meal time (must have meal break at 5 hour mark). So, the mgr that talked to me last night she said this being the 2nd, they may just be coaching me out of a job! The coaching last night was over a 23 second lapse! OMG! I wanted to just walk off. I log off the register at 1045, but then I zone and clean up whatever I see along my way to the back of the store, I am not just twiddling my thumbs. Such crap. I am losng 15 hrs a week as it is, so leaving those 15 minutes takes off another hour. I am just waiting to go in and get coached again as they pull up other times. A part of me just wants to say SEE YA!

The kids are doing well. I hear a ton of the "there is nothing to do outside" from Zach, Jordan has spent his days outside, and Katie is ready for the pool daily at noon! LOL She is such a fish. Hawaii did her well! LOL Zach is in a parade tonight for Yelm Prarie Days with the Fire Department. All but Katie's report card has come. With those of you knowing the hard time I had with the principal on two occassions, I am waiting anxiously so not to have to start a scene with the school system over her. Will let ya know how that goes.

G is on his final week of flag detail. Thank you!!!! LOL Gas is just too expensive for him to do the drive on weekends essentially for nothing...and he leaves here at 415 every morning and that really sucks. So, he will be back to a normal schedule for a week or so and then starts another class so not sure what the timeline will be on that. But, a neighbor and he may carpool a few days a week and that will be nice on the gas bill. I keep trying to get him to look into the vanpool but you know men!

So, there is an update from here. Nothing really going on. Summertime is here (I am hoping). This week has been sunny and suppose to be mid-80's the weekend! YIPPIE!!!! Maybe I can get some sun and start feeling better...not to mention get some color to my skin. TTYS

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More of an Update

Well, have been cleaning house and keeping busy, so not updating. We had a good weekend. We went to Kelso and spend the weekend with Alexis and family on Saturday. It was a way to get away but also a way to keep Katie occupied without a million kids inside or her asking to go outside. Then on Sunday we took everyone bowling on the Air Force Base after G had flag detail. It was penny a pin so it was more for shoes than it was for the games...LOL...but also a way to keep Katie kind of occupied.

Monday she had a follow-up at Madigan. The doctor said all checks out as far as balance, hearing, seeing, range of motion of her knee...says just to keep her from being too active and no head bumps. I took her to school after that and she was excited, as was her entire class! The pricnipal was a biotch but she will get over it. I talked to the class and the teacher about things Katie could not do, like running or PE and only during certain things while at recess. I explained she had a "broken head" like a broken arm just with no cast. Seems the easiest way. A few had questions, but they were just pretty much happy to have her back. I have been dropping her off and picking her up. So, Katie has gone to school all week. It tires her out though, you can tell. She is not going tomorrow because it is Field Day and she can not compete in any events. So, I will find something to do with her, and G has the day off after he goes in for the flag raising. Today she rode the bus since the tires are flat on the car and I gave G the truck...told Jordan to sit on the inside and her on the outside of the seat so not to bump her head on the window and frame (done it before, can ya tell). Monday is their last day of school and it is only a half day. From my understanding, she is also going to 1st grade!! WOOHOO!! But will not know for sure til her report card comes home!

Jordan had a band concert last night. It was really cool. He is playing the snare drum but he has taught himself to play the clarinet, so I am beginning to think he is going to ask to play it instead. We shall see. I took video and will try and upload it to You Tube and post it later today.

Zach came home with a certificate for the Honor Roll. His GPA was between 3.0 - 3.49 so I assume it is A/B honor roll? Not for sure yet, but will see when his report card comes too. He is proud, as he should be, and keeps asking what ours were...LOL.

I thought I lost my job, but I didn't. I went in last night and talked to the Asst Manager. He gave me 6-11pm shifts Monday through Friday. Awesome to me! I get to get out, make money to cover gas, and meet some people. I felt G was leary of it, but we are so hurting for cash, I hate to lose it. It will be 25 hours per week, and he will just have to tell work he has to be in town by 6 so leaving work at 5 to get Katie from me for the next 3 months. They will have to deal with is beings the circumstance. We do not want to leave her with anyone so in order for me to work, he will have to make an adjustment for me for once. Well, not him, but his work. Yeah, I am sure that will not go so well, but I don't care at this point.

Don't think I have anything else to update on for now. Just need to get off my behind and clean my kitchen, vacuum, fold a load of laundry and do the bathrooms today...and of course make the phone calls about new or used rims. Saturday is Flag Day. G will be setting up 55 flags in the morning and I will be taking video and pictures of it. Should be interesting. TTYL

Please Make Murphy Go AWAY

Can I scream really, really loudly?! OMG I am so sick of all this bad luck floating around my home! I was blogging really early this morning and got a call from G on his way to work saying he thought he had a flat tire...he gets out and looks, and sure enough he did. Well, he calls back and says he think the rear is going flat as he is changing the front! Not 1 flat tire, but 2! Not tire issues, but RIMS! Both front and rear on the passanger side are bent! WTH am I suppose to do with life these days??? We have been living .. for over a month! We luckily had meat stocked so food was not an issue, but having to choose which thing to pay or get shut off is bad enough, now we finally get a normal paycheck and can pay the past due truck payment, and we get 2 screwed up rims! I am so sick and tired of blogging about bad stuff. I just want to be able to share with friends and family some good stuff. Sick of saying HELP ME! Everyone is hurting right now, and that just isn't enough for our family, we seem to have to be hurting and then some! I am so flustered and tired of so much going on around me....UGH!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank You to the Bald Hills Fire Department

We took Zach to the fire department last night and wanted to take Katie in. The first person on the scene was there, he was happy to see her and see that she was OK. I have this gut-wrenching feeling that we are extremely lucky she is here with us. I can't shake it and it is haunting me. When I see those bike pictures I feel so sick and I can not help but cry. One of her friend's mom came over the other night and she started crying telling me what she saw when she walked up on Katie. She said she could hardly recognize her; she was white and just laying there. Looking at the markings on the ground, it looks as though she may have landed a good 3 feet from where she was struck. The guy's face last night was just so indescribable, and I almost feel as though her acting and looking so normal and us as well is an injustice to those who helped her. Believe me, I am not taking this lightly. I am scared to death and keep seeing the worst happening every time I think of the accident even though it did not happen, and I am so grateful. I have not said I love you so many times as I have in the past week.

I guess I am in shock now...I dunno what else to call it. I was not here, and I am almost glad I wasn't because if I had to see her I can only imagine what images would be going through my head compared to the ones I have now. Maybe that is why I am seeing what I am...because I was not here. Although, I know it would have been no different, because I sit at home on my ass when I am here because I literally hate being here at times...but maybe since G was home I would not have been, and it was nice out, had I not been working maybe we would have been doing something else, IDK.

More on Katie

OK, I got to take Katie home on Tuesday evening. It was kind of nerve-wracking. her nurse, Jenn, did not really want to see her leave yet, as she was on the fence as wo whether she was ready. I felt the same way. I know she was hungry, as she asked for food, but then did not eat it when I got it. I think she was afraid of getting sick becuase she had done that so much the days prior. She was so sad, crying over wanting to go home, it made me ache.

So, we left the hospital about 6pm. We stopped to get her some juice and poweraid and she had asked for popcorn chicken (which she did not eat). I also had to buy motrin for her becuase it was time and her head was aching. This bothered us, made G think we had made a mistake on bringing her home. I sat with her on the way home from the store so that her head was not bobbling around. When we got home, all the kids were outside waiting to see her. Her friend, Sade, came in to play with her. This brightened her spirits. They played "school" and ate chicken! Woohoo! She slept with us Tuesday night just for us to be reassured!

Wed morning, she got up and dressed and came in telling us she wanted to go to school. We were flabbergasted! LOL We decided to tell her what had really happened. The tale of bumping her head or having a broken head like a broken arm was not really sinking in. So, I was sitting with her in my bed, and I asked about the day and what she may remember. After talking about the trampoline and playing outside I tole her that Jordan went inside to get a drink and she got on her bike, rode across the street, and on her way back was hit by a truck. She looked at me, smiled, and responded with "If I was hit by a truck, I would be dead". So, my responses from there went into that is why everyone is worried about her, because she could have been more hurt. I also had to explain this was why the doctors want to have her take it easy and keep her brain brom bobbling!

The day went well, a nap around noon, then a house full of kids to play with after school. It went nice though. I spent the day cleaning her room and toys, we took her bed down so not to have her hit her head or fall off of it and she has her mattress on the floor and I hung all the cards from her school around her bed. She is drinking and eating here and there but it is great to see her do. After everyone went home and I was putting her to bed, I asked her if she noticed everyone was wearing helmets on their bikes today. I told her that was becuase of her being hit. I also let her know that she would never be allowed on her bike without one becuase had she been wearing it, her helmet would have been bonked and not her head! She asked if she was going to get a new bike, and I told her as soon as the doc gave her permission to ride again. My little daredevil girl here!

Today we were up early to take Zach to a doc appt. She did not want to get out of She had a slight headache, was drinking poweraid, then chocolate milke and donuts! When we got home, she and G took a nap while I cleaned house! So nice to get it done! LOL Now she is playing with 2 friends in her room; playing school!

It is going to be a windy road I think...headaches that come and go, but with her having no memory and feeling well, we are going to have to be steadfast in telling her and reminding her that she has a broken head and it needs to heal. She is so darn hard-headed! LOL

Work for me is finito mostlikely. I will not leave her for the summer. I have thought about asking for nights, but I dunno if they will do it. We shall see. If not, we are prepared for me to not be working, at least not outside of the home. I need to be with my children.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Katie update

Well, Katie got to see the boys last night. She was happy, but quiet. I think that threw Zach off a bit, having her so quiet..and he wanted food as usual. Jordan is worried and you can tell, but he is trying to hide it. We took a walk to she the boys her riding in the wagon and where the playroom is (she has not played in it). She also had a "contest" with Zach to see who could suck in more air (little breathing tube thingy) and then she blew bubbles and actually laughed and smiled. It was a site to see! I took a few pics so I will post them once I take them off the camera.

G is home with the boys. Had an OK night here. She has been in pull-ups due to her drowsiness and the constant IV, and I had to change and wash her and the bed at 4am. Now we are in regular panties as one of her and mine goals today is to use the potty. Keep your fingers crossed we have no rivers!! Our other goals are to eat some food and to go to the playroom today. She wants to go home, so I told her these are some things we need to do before we can. She knows, her head just really hurts, so I am not pushing her.

:::Took a break to feed Katie:::
OK, well, I managed to get Katie to eat about 3/4 of a piece of bacon and she has the rest of that and another sitting here waiting for her to munch on. I know she will eat the bacon. She ate a small bit eof pancake for me. Her belly is grumbling like crazy now while it digests. Hopefully she will feel more need to eat once her belly tells her she is hungry.

The nurse came in and checked her and she is doing well, peeing well and checked to see what she is eating and drinking. The nutrition lady came in and asked if we would need a menu for tomorrow and Jenn told her yes, so if that says anything Really, it is ok with me; I would much rather have Katie as healthy as possible before taking her home.

Also, I have a comment from a dear friend in Hawaii and she wanted to share it with all our friends. I don't check out everyones comments when I go to their pages, so I thought I would paste it here for her so it would be seen.

To all of Barb and G's friends who would like to send support to Katie... I have a website where you can send cards (so does Barb but don't use hers because I don't want it to cost her money). If you would like to send a card of support or get well please go to www. sentwithaloha. com and send them one for free on me. If you want more info on the service for yourself, contact Barb or let me know and I will get it together for Barb. I just wanted to provide a way for their friends and family to show support to them for free.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Katie is in the hospital

Some of you have read GT's blog and some have gotten either phone calls or emails from us knowing what is going on. I will update here as well as inform.

On Friday, I was at work, GT had gotten home early, boys and Katie were home...G left to take moving boxes into town to the recycleable place. Zach was doing some things G had asked, Jordan was playing with Katie, and she was on the trampoline. Jordan went to get a drink and Katie got on her bike (which she had told not to be on while G was not there) and she was struck by a man in a Durango (thus the reason she is not suppose to ride without us home). We are fortunate that it was a man, as he was driving only 5 MPH instead of the posted 15. Katie came from a vacant lot on the right and he was paying attention to the group of children off to his left. He did not see her coming and hit her before he knew.

Zachary, being First Aid and CPR trained and is volunteering for the Fire Department assessed her right away. She had ben knocked out, he checked her eyes and her pulse, told Jordan to call 911 and G, then to call Martin (their friend's dad) who is an ER nurse. Without them, I am sure there would have been much more chaos. GT turned around and headed home, calling me but I could not answer as I was on the floor, Jordan was also calling me, so once finished with my customers, I stepped away and called to hear the news. I rushed home as well, and did not get to see Katie as they were preparing to fly her out.

GT and I drove and got here not too long after she had arrived. We are in Tacoma at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. Katie is fortunate to have no broken bones and we all attribute that to his slow speed. She has a severe concussion and a skull fracture to the right side rear back of her head. She has a bruise on her left cheek in which we are assuming that is where she would have hit the Durango bumper. She has bruises and scrapes on both shoulders, elbows, knees, right forehead, inside of one thigh, and scrapes along her right back, but none of the scrapes were too deep. We are extremely fortunate in those areas.

She spent Friday night in PICU. Yesterday we moved to the 6th floor. She is lathergic, rarely awake, sleeping alot, but also restless and whining. She is very nauseaus and only taking sips of soda then not very well keeping them down. We have to work on that and also try and get her to blow bubbles to work her lungs to keep from getting pnuemonia. They say although they do not anticipate seizures from here, there is a slight chance, but when they did the original scan, there was no bleeding in her brain, so that is a good thing as well. We have to wait for a neuro eval tomorrow sometime and see what we are doing from there. I am nervous to take her home like this, as I am scared if there were something wrong I would not know because she is not vocalizing a whole lot. Right now, they say a good 3 weeks of nothing for her because any jarring can cause a secondary concussion.

So, for now, I know we are here at least one more night until the neuro eval, and I am going to ask for another CAT scan to be safe. Neither one of us really want to be away from her, the boys have been staying with Martin and his wife Angel for the weekend, which I am so thankful for. Zach is still suspended so he will be home tomorrow (suppose to be doing homework) and Jordan will be in school. People asking if we need anything...not really. A gas truck at the house to afford teh price to go back and forth to the dang hospital!! LOL Thanking the government, really I am! Make your children wear a helmet! No matter how un-cool or where they ride. Katie has TWO of them!!! She was wearing ZERO of the two! She has a severe concussion from 5 MPH...I cry when I think of how much more had it not been him but some reckless teenager or even just someone doing the posted speed.

GT and I will try and keep updating as we know more. Right now, nothing has really changed since our arrival, just that she has had a few moments of more coheriency. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.