Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, had a spledid weekend. We took a walk on the trails around the lake Saturday with Scooby and Katie. It was the opening day of fishing season so there were a ton of boats on the lake and lots of people enjoying the warm weather. After returning home, we then took the boys, Scooby and Katie on a bike ride up the logging road. We did 3.5 miles each way! Awesome ride! G had gone up a bit farther the day before and saw a bear, he wanted to see it again, but no such luck. We still had a great time together as a family, which is what I was striving for. Poor Scooby ran his touche off! He slept all night! LOL

Also on Saturday, my little sister, Christy welcomed her new baby girl into the world! I am officially an Auntie! Her and Aaron welcomed Brylee Carys weighing in at 8lb 4oz! I can not wait to spoil her and love on her and kiss her chubby cheeks! Not sure when I will get that chance, but I am waiting!!

Work is going ok. I wish it were more of what I have wanted in work, but it is something and it is helping me meet people in a way. I am still really irritated over the hours they are giving me...still got me working every weekend but they have at least scheduled me later in the day so that we can have some family time during the days..and Sunday I make $1 more an hour...LOL
So, that is just a little update. Gotta work again tomorrow then off Tuesday! I can work at home, clean the house I keep procrastinating against, and touch base with friends of whim I have been ignoring!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Little Bit of Life.....

I have been somewhat absent, but I have been trying to juggle work at Wally World, family, G's and mine's new biz, and time for myself..not to mention sleeping and house cleaning! I also had volunteered myself to the FRG before my job, and I am going tonight to get "recognized" and meet some of the other ladies. I feel really bad now though, because it seems that on the days there are meetings for me to go to, I am scheduled to work. I have got to get some regular shifts!

Anywhooooo....we went to Kelso and saw some family this weekend...and it snowed! LOL Snow in mid-April, a new record. It was pretty though. The kids got to hang out with their cousins and we got to see them all together and talk with Alexis. It was nice and relaxing. Nice to have some family around and just relax. We need to do it more often..just wish gas prices would go down so that we could!!

OK, that is just a small update. I need to post some pics later. I have to go shower though to head out to the FRG stuff.....

Happy Earth Day! I planted flowers!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Update

Yes, I got a job at Wal-Mart. I am cashiering, part-time for now, but I will be asking about full-time cause they need them badly! Wal-Mart has great opportunities for advancement, and I am considering moving up the ladder if I really like the environment. With my education, I shouldn’t have a hard time of advancing, plus I can move to new Wal-Marts as we move with the military. So, yeah me!!

We are possibly considering moving on post. As much as we L-O-V-E living out here and the quietness, no yard full of kids, having no nosey neighbors, no rules and MP’s looming around waiting on your kids to be out of your site, we are spending over $280 just for G to get back and forth to work a month and over our BAH paying for rent, electric, and garbage. If we were not paying the gas to go back and forth, it would not be a money issue, but if prices continue to rise like this, we will be living near poverty just to eat every month. Not to mention, G has to leave home at 5:15 to be to work at 6:30 and is not home at night before 6:30...if on post, he could get extra sleep in the morning, take his shower at home and not at the gym, come home for lunch, and be home for a decent dinner hour. We are really weighing things here. We want to stay off post so badly, not to mention our landlady was exceptional for renting to us across the miles and still has been so we are very torn by to thought of leaving her with an open, that is a dilema we are contemplating at the moment.

Katie lost her first tooth last Saturday. She was very excited! She is now working on wiggling the next one since the big teeth are already in behind the baby teeth. Also, at conferences, we were told that Katie has "amazed" her teacher and reading teacher this past term. She has grown in leaps and bounds! Duh!!! She is in kindergarten! They still play and eventually will catch on to the principles of learning and settling down in school. We are sooooo proud of her! She is sounding out words, loves to read, reads back to us (her version), counts, adds, she is doing sooooo well!

OK, that is my update for now. I need to run bath water for Katie and get her up for school. The kids have to be ready to go cause I have to leave a few minutes before they get on the bus. Have a great day ya’ll.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Check out Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts

It was soooo awesome! We had great seats even though I had thought they were going to be kinda crappy according to the seating chart. I think had we gotten the floor seats I had at first, it would have been difficult to see. We were off to the side of the stage, 19 rows off the floor! So cool!

Taylor Swift sang for an hour and 30 minutes. She sang great! She is definatley sincere to her fans...and don't ever cheat on her, cause she will write a song about ya! LOL

These guys!! OMG what an awesome show! The light show, the fun and games, everything! Their stage is amazing. They had the main stage, and the round one you see here that has a bridge that lifted so it was not down all the time, only when they were going to cross it.
G missed the first 2 songs becuase he was getting Katie her Taylor Swift tee-shirt...what a good daddy! It was spectacular! It was soooo hard to get great pics though because of all the lights and because they never stopped moving! hehehe
I managed to get a few...but dang it is so sad to look at the pics andnot be able to hear what they were singing at the time! It was such an awesome show and well worth the $60 for tickets! I will definately be in the Dome next year when they return!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008