Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life Update!

So, mid-Feb is here! Is that a good thing? I am hoping so! Been having a so-so month with family...having issues with Katie and trying very hard to grasp what I am suppose to do. She is spoiled, I know this. She needs discipline, I know this. I try! She is so much like Zach was it is scary. I have so afraid to have another 11 years like the past 10 have been with him. I do try and punish her, I have taken to busting her butt and she does nothing but yell at me. I take things, she doesn't care. I have grounded her to the house with no playing with friends and it ends up as an "oh well" thing as well. Where do I go from here? Gosh this question is just a repeat of what I did when Zach was her age!

She is stealing things from friends. Yes, better than a store, but we are talking cash, change, lipstick from friends, friends parents, me, and a teacher at school. When we go to my mom's she gets into everything she is not suppose to and takes all my step-dad's change to use in the gumball machine and candy machine. Her lying about it makes it worse and she doesn't seem to care when she gets in trouble or caught. She has written all over her dresser in marker (the one I sanded a repainted in July), all over her closet doors, her wall....this is something a 2 year old does, not a 7 year old! I am at the end of my rope here and really not in the mood to hear how much discipline she needs!

On another note...Jordan is mouthy and lazy; Zach is still mouthy and lazy but not as lazy as Jordan; the dog still craps in the house and pees in the house if he is allowed upstairs or left out of his kennel downstairs for any amount of time; and I am still procrastinating over house cleaning and doing my real estate classes that have to be completed in a month!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Another one of those days

You know those days that you just can't seem to catch a break?! Today is one of those days! My tax returns should have been here today and it isn't! Why? Because I bounced a check to AAFES and I have been procrastinating to go pay it. So, it was the first thing on my list to get done. Well, NOT gonna happen! AAFES held up my tax refund for an unspecified amount of time to pay the $50 I owe. $50 freaking dollars holds up $8000 more!

No, I don;t need the money right now and don't want it to do anything special at the moment, but I wanted to go grocery shop and G wanted a few things, so I wanted to be able to say "hey babe, go get what you wanted". Now I can't. Kerry got hers, Alyssa hers, my brother his....and yet here I sit! Just pisses me off!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Ugh Day

I am missing my hubby today...not that I don't miss him every day, but I am really missing him today. I want to snuggle, I want him to make me feel better from this stupid bug bite. I feel drained, like I could sleep all day..sorta depressed but I don't feel "depressed" just tired. Can this just be over with? I want it to end and yet I don't want to feel good having my hunny home and Kerry still missing Derek...guess that is the good friend I am lol Oh well...just needed to talk I guess.

One month of 2010 down

Well, January was pretty uneventful. Things seem to be much better with G and I. I seriously think he is going through a midlife crisis. Still slow on the weight loss meter here for me though...not helping my self esteem at all. Katie chopped at her hair this past weekend and I had to get it cut off...hurt me to watch and all I could say was "Oh my God" I was in shock.

My photography has really been on the back burner since moving here and still is. I signed up for a Real Estate course and it is paid for and I had 6 months to complete it..well, I have 2 months left and have not even touched the surface of what I have to learn. I just can not get the info to sink in and I can not seem to stop procrastinating! I wish I had a study buddy right about now.

Life is just going day by day and it isn't bad, so I guess I could not ask for more.