Friday, February 5, 2010

Another one of those days

You know those days that you just can't seem to catch a break?! Today is one of those days! My tax returns should have been here today and it isn't! Why? Because I bounced a check to AAFES and I have been procrastinating to go pay it. So, it was the first thing on my list to get done. Well, NOT gonna happen! AAFES held up my tax refund for an unspecified amount of time to pay the $50 I owe. $50 freaking dollars holds up $8000 more!

No, I don;t need the money right now and don't want it to do anything special at the moment, but I wanted to go grocery shop and G wanted a few things, so I wanted to be able to say "hey babe, go get what you wanted". Now I can't. Kerry got hers, Alyssa hers, my brother his....and yet here I sit! Just pisses me off!

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