Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gonna fill this up!

I am soooo gonna fill up this blog in this nest year! I can see it now! With no one to rescue me, to comfort me, to help me keep my sanity, I have to find a way to get this all out! Here it is, 11:40pm on a Sunday and Katie has just now decided that she is going to quit fighting going to bed and fighting with me! Since 8:15 when I told her to get her pajamas on, she started the "you're so mean; stop being grumpy; no wonder everyone hates you; I want daddy; I'm not going to school; I'm not going to sleep". Yes, really, all that! The other day because she thought she was "helping" by bring her clothes upstairs that I folded and instead she has them shoved in drawers, chairs, behind the door, under her bed, and I told her to get them cleaned up before going outside...she decided tot ell me she was going outside and she would climb out on the roof! She took her screen partially out! I literally had to stand guard outside her door! What is wrong with this child all of a sudden? She laughs at soap in her mouth. She pretends to be crying with no tears and the annoying low pitched "waaahhh" and adds the "I want my daddy" in there. She runs from me because she knows she is going to get in trouble...literally runs from me, through the house screaming and hides. She did it in front of people.

I look like an ass letting my child do this. I already had one child do this to me for years. I know I am not a horrid parent and I know my parenting is not perfect, but geez, WTH am I suppose to do????

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Jen said...

It's hard to be the parent while another is away. I have no idea what to say other than keep strong and remember who the parent is.