Thursday, September 10, 2009


One is depressed and won't do anything about it. Not that a lot can really be done without complications, but still.

Another is trying to be man of the house. I don;t need a man of the house, I am a mom and I will deal. Just get over it already!

Daughter of mine has become a walking brat and attitude! So hard to ignore but I have to before I break and do something I will regret later.

Yes, another child has become quite the attitude as well. Have I really been such a pushover for all these years that you believe you can walk on me daily?

The estranged is totally estranged now and my doing. I think they believe it is easy for me to turn my back and my heart away. Life will creep up on you quicker than you think.

Bros and sis...making the best of life. I see them pretty regularly and it is nice. Helped sis in her house, enjoy the time with her and her family. Lil bro doing better after his July dilema but has a ways to go; he will survive! Lil'est bro has 2 beautiful babies on their way home from the NICU after only a short stay. They are beautiful and he will make a great, over-protective daddy.

Mom...has become a great friend and someone I talk to almost daily. Finally have that part of my life that I have wanted.

Dad...has become quiet and distant. Can't fix or help when incommunicado! Not going to track him down though, I barely remember to brush my hair daily these days so can't remember to call til it is late.

I guess there are good things and bad things. Why do the good things seem to overpower the bad? So weird how we focus on the negative. There is so much more going on, but don't wanna drag it must go on!

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