Saturday, September 12, 2009

Screaming on the Inside

My house has been so loud this week and right now. Yes, quiet when the kids are in school, but when they are all together, they are arguing and fighting and now screaming! I had such a quiet summer. Why do they now have to argue? I can point the finger at one person added to the mixture and that would be Zach being home. He is so bossy and so negative and just kind of an asshole. He and Katie fight, he and Jordan fight and talk about nosy! Went to a fun day with the community today and he had to sit up my ass so he could be in the middle of all the adult conversations. The first hours of him being back was in the car going to my sister's he and Katie bickered and faught back and forth til I screamed for them to shut up and they still didn't! My mother was in the car and just wanted to bust out laughing.

The radio on all night...the computer extremely loud...the clothes and blankets left all over...just it was so peaceful. Maybe it will get better...but it better be soon cause I am ready to say c'ya!

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