Monday, April 7, 2008

My Update

Yes, I got a job at Wal-Mart. I am cashiering, part-time for now, but I will be asking about full-time cause they need them badly! Wal-Mart has great opportunities for advancement, and I am considering moving up the ladder if I really like the environment. With my education, I shouldn’t have a hard time of advancing, plus I can move to new Wal-Marts as we move with the military. So, yeah me!!

We are possibly considering moving on post. As much as we L-O-V-E living out here and the quietness, no yard full of kids, having no nosey neighbors, no rules and MP’s looming around waiting on your kids to be out of your site, we are spending over $280 just for G to get back and forth to work a month and over our BAH paying for rent, electric, and garbage. If we were not paying the gas to go back and forth, it would not be a money issue, but if prices continue to rise like this, we will be living near poverty just to eat every month. Not to mention, G has to leave home at 5:15 to be to work at 6:30 and is not home at night before 6:30...if on post, he could get extra sleep in the morning, take his shower at home and not at the gym, come home for lunch, and be home for a decent dinner hour. We are really weighing things here. We want to stay off post so badly, not to mention our landlady was exceptional for renting to us across the miles and still has been so we are very torn by to thought of leaving her with an open, that is a dilema we are contemplating at the moment.

Katie lost her first tooth last Saturday. She was very excited! She is now working on wiggling the next one since the big teeth are already in behind the baby teeth. Also, at conferences, we were told that Katie has "amazed" her teacher and reading teacher this past term. She has grown in leaps and bounds! Duh!!! She is in kindergarten! They still play and eventually will catch on to the principles of learning and settling down in school. We are sooooo proud of her! She is sounding out words, loves to read, reads back to us (her version), counts, adds, she is doing sooooo well!

OK, that is my update for now. I need to run bath water for Katie and get her up for school. The kids have to be ready to go cause I have to leave a few minutes before they get on the bus. Have a great day ya’ll.

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Jen said...

First, congrats on the new job!! I know how hard you worked to find one and I knew you would, it was just the matter of finding the right one for you.
Yeah on Katie losing her first tooth, and such an exciting time for her. Did the tooth fairy come?
I would also consider living on base. It's not that bad and hopefully you get so know some neighbors and make some awesome friendship memories! I still talk to my neighbor when we were stationed at Lewis and now she lives in GA and out of the military. Military friendships are bonded for life!