Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Little Bit of Life.....

I have been somewhat absent, but I have been trying to juggle work at Wally World, family, G's and mine's new biz, and time for myself..not to mention sleeping and house cleaning! I also had volunteered myself to the FRG before my job, and I am going tonight to get "recognized" and meet some of the other ladies. I feel really bad now though, because it seems that on the days there are meetings for me to go to, I am scheduled to work. I have got to get some regular shifts!

Anywhooooo....we went to Kelso and saw some family this weekend...and it snowed! LOL Snow in mid-April, a new record. It was pretty though. The kids got to hang out with their cousins and we got to see them all together and talk with Alexis. It was nice and relaxing. Nice to have some family around and just relax. We need to do it more often..just wish gas prices would go down so that we could!!

OK, that is just a small update. I need to post some pics later. I have to go shower though to head out to the FRG stuff.....

Happy Earth Day! I planted flowers!!

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