Monday, October 18, 2010


So, wondering what they are and how they work? You earn swagbucks by searching the web, finding hidden "swag codes", referring friends, even shopping online! Yes, you earn bucks from shopping online!!! They also do random give-aways for various amounts of swagbucks, just for reading the blog, watching a 2 minutes video, 1 buck for taking a daily poll...all in all it is very cool and does reward!

Is this real? YES! I have almost 3000 swagbucks and I am saving them up. I earned 400 by using the site to shop at Nike online. Jordan earned enough to order a poster and it came in the mail on Friday. A good friend of mine uses her swagbucks to purchase Amazon gift cards. 450 swagbucks = $5 gift card.

You earn by using their search engine. You can go to and search from there or you can download their toolbar. There is also a widget, "swidget" which if you scroll down my page you will see it. There is a swag code there for new users to ear 20 swagbucks! Click on the Swag Codes button and check for a code you'll find a special sign-up code that'll get you a bonus 20 Swag Bucks when you sign up, which you can also do from my Swidget. Just copy and paste that swag code int the box at the bottom of the sign-up box that says "SwagCode"

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