Thursday, June 12, 2008

More of an Update

Well, have been cleaning house and keeping busy, so not updating. We had a good weekend. We went to Kelso and spend the weekend with Alexis and family on Saturday. It was a way to get away but also a way to keep Katie occupied without a million kids inside or her asking to go outside. Then on Sunday we took everyone bowling on the Air Force Base after G had flag detail. It was penny a pin so it was more for shoes than it was for the games...LOL...but also a way to keep Katie kind of occupied.

Monday she had a follow-up at Madigan. The doctor said all checks out as far as balance, hearing, seeing, range of motion of her knee...says just to keep her from being too active and no head bumps. I took her to school after that and she was excited, as was her entire class! The pricnipal was a biotch but she will get over it. I talked to the class and the teacher about things Katie could not do, like running or PE and only during certain things while at recess. I explained she had a "broken head" like a broken arm just with no cast. Seems the easiest way. A few had questions, but they were just pretty much happy to have her back. I have been dropping her off and picking her up. So, Katie has gone to school all week. It tires her out though, you can tell. She is not going tomorrow because it is Field Day and she can not compete in any events. So, I will find something to do with her, and G has the day off after he goes in for the flag raising. Today she rode the bus since the tires are flat on the car and I gave G the truck...told Jordan to sit on the inside and her on the outside of the seat so not to bump her head on the window and frame (done it before, can ya tell). Monday is their last day of school and it is only a half day. From my understanding, she is also going to 1st grade!! WOOHOO!! But will not know for sure til her report card comes home!

Jordan had a band concert last night. It was really cool. He is playing the snare drum but he has taught himself to play the clarinet, so I am beginning to think he is going to ask to play it instead. We shall see. I took video and will try and upload it to You Tube and post it later today.

Zach came home with a certificate for the Honor Roll. His GPA was between 3.0 - 3.49 so I assume it is A/B honor roll? Not for sure yet, but will see when his report card comes too. He is proud, as he should be, and keeps asking what ours were...LOL.

I thought I lost my job, but I didn't. I went in last night and talked to the Asst Manager. He gave me 6-11pm shifts Monday through Friday. Awesome to me! I get to get out, make money to cover gas, and meet some people. I felt G was leary of it, but we are so hurting for cash, I hate to lose it. It will be 25 hours per week, and he will just have to tell work he has to be in town by 6 so leaving work at 5 to get Katie from me for the next 3 months. They will have to deal with is beings the circumstance. We do not want to leave her with anyone so in order for me to work, he will have to make an adjustment for me for once. Well, not him, but his work. Yeah, I am sure that will not go so well, but I don't care at this point.

Don't think I have anything else to update on for now. Just need to get off my behind and clean my kitchen, vacuum, fold a load of laundry and do the bathrooms today...and of course make the phone calls about new or used rims. Saturday is Flag Day. G will be setting up 55 flags in the morning and I will be taking video and pictures of it. Should be interesting. TTYL

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