Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Katie update

Well, Katie got to see the boys last night. She was happy, but quiet. I think that threw Zach off a bit, having her so quiet..and he wanted food as usual. Jordan is worried and you can tell, but he is trying to hide it. We took a walk to she the boys her riding in the wagon and where the playroom is (she has not played in it). She also had a "contest" with Zach to see who could suck in more air (little breathing tube thingy) and then she blew bubbles and actually laughed and smiled. It was a site to see! I took a few pics so I will post them once I take them off the camera.

G is home with the boys. Had an OK night here. She has been in pull-ups due to her drowsiness and the constant IV, and I had to change and wash her and the bed at 4am. Now we are in regular panties as one of her and mine goals today is to use the potty. Keep your fingers crossed we have no rivers!! Our other goals are to eat some food and to go to the playroom today. She wants to go home, so I told her these are some things we need to do before we can. She knows, her head just really hurts, so I am not pushing her.

:::Took a break to feed Katie:::
OK, well, I managed to get Katie to eat about 3/4 of a piece of bacon and she has the rest of that and another sitting here waiting for her to munch on. I know she will eat the bacon. She ate a small bit eof pancake for me. Her belly is grumbling like crazy now while it digests. Hopefully she will feel more need to eat once her belly tells her she is hungry.

The nurse came in and checked her and she is doing well, peeing well and checked to see what she is eating and drinking. The nutrition lady came in and asked if we would need a menu for tomorrow and Jenn told her yes, so if that says anything Really, it is ok with me; I would much rather have Katie as healthy as possible before taking her home.

Also, I have a comment from a dear friend in Hawaii and she wanted to share it with all our friends. I don't check out everyones comments when I go to their pages, so I thought I would paste it here for her so it would be seen.

To all of Barb and G's friends who would like to send support to Katie... I have a website where you can send cards (so does Barb but don't use hers because I don't want it to cost her money). If you would like to send a card of support or get well please go to www. sentwithaloha. com and send them one for free on me. If you want more info on the service for yourself, contact Barb or let me know and I will get it together for Barb. I just wanted to provide a way for their friends and family to show support to them for free.

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