Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please Make Murphy Go AWAY

Can I scream really, really loudly?! OMG I am so sick of all this bad luck floating around my home! I was blogging really early this morning and got a call from G on his way to work saying he thought he had a flat tire...he gets out and looks, and sure enough he did. Well, he calls back and says he think the rear is going flat as he is changing the front! Not 1 flat tire, but 2! Not tire issues, but RIMS! Both front and rear on the passanger side are bent! WTH am I suppose to do with life these days??? We have been living .. for over a month! We luckily had meat stocked so food was not an issue, but having to choose which thing to pay or get shut off is bad enough, now we finally get a normal paycheck and can pay the past due truck payment, and we get 2 screwed up rims! I am so sick and tired of blogging about bad stuff. I just want to be able to share with friends and family some good stuff. Sick of saying HELP ME! Everyone is hurting right now, and that just isn't enough for our family, we seem to have to be hurting and then some! I am so flustered and tired of so much going on around me....UGH!!

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