Sunday, June 1, 2008

Katie is in the hospital

Some of you have read GT's blog and some have gotten either phone calls or emails from us knowing what is going on. I will update here as well as inform.

On Friday, I was at work, GT had gotten home early, boys and Katie were home...G left to take moving boxes into town to the recycleable place. Zach was doing some things G had asked, Jordan was playing with Katie, and she was on the trampoline. Jordan went to get a drink and Katie got on her bike (which she had told not to be on while G was not there) and she was struck by a man in a Durango (thus the reason she is not suppose to ride without us home). We are fortunate that it was a man, as he was driving only 5 MPH instead of the posted 15. Katie came from a vacant lot on the right and he was paying attention to the group of children off to his left. He did not see her coming and hit her before he knew.

Zachary, being First Aid and CPR trained and is volunteering for the Fire Department assessed her right away. She had ben knocked out, he checked her eyes and her pulse, told Jordan to call 911 and G, then to call Martin (their friend's dad) who is an ER nurse. Without them, I am sure there would have been much more chaos. GT turned around and headed home, calling me but I could not answer as I was on the floor, Jordan was also calling me, so once finished with my customers, I stepped away and called to hear the news. I rushed home as well, and did not get to see Katie as they were preparing to fly her out.

GT and I drove and got here not too long after she had arrived. We are in Tacoma at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. Katie is fortunate to have no broken bones and we all attribute that to his slow speed. She has a severe concussion and a skull fracture to the right side rear back of her head. She has a bruise on her left cheek in which we are assuming that is where she would have hit the Durango bumper. She has bruises and scrapes on both shoulders, elbows, knees, right forehead, inside of one thigh, and scrapes along her right back, but none of the scrapes were too deep. We are extremely fortunate in those areas.

She spent Friday night in PICU. Yesterday we moved to the 6th floor. She is lathergic, rarely awake, sleeping alot, but also restless and whining. She is very nauseaus and only taking sips of soda then not very well keeping them down. We have to work on that and also try and get her to blow bubbles to work her lungs to keep from getting pnuemonia. They say although they do not anticipate seizures from here, there is a slight chance, but when they did the original scan, there was no bleeding in her brain, so that is a good thing as well. We have to wait for a neuro eval tomorrow sometime and see what we are doing from there. I am nervous to take her home like this, as I am scared if there were something wrong I would not know because she is not vocalizing a whole lot. Right now, they say a good 3 weeks of nothing for her because any jarring can cause a secondary concussion.

So, for now, I know we are here at least one more night until the neuro eval, and I am going to ask for another CAT scan to be safe. Neither one of us really want to be away from her, the boys have been staying with Martin and his wife Angel for the weekend, which I am so thankful for. Zach is still suspended so he will be home tomorrow (suppose to be doing homework) and Jordan will be in school. People asking if we need anything...not really. A gas truck at the house to afford teh price to go back and forth to the dang hospital!! LOL Thanking the government, really I am! Make your children wear a helmet! No matter how un-cool or where they ride. Katie has TWO of them!!! She was wearing ZERO of the two! She has a severe concussion from 5 MPH...I cry when I think of how much more had it not been him but some reckless teenager or even just someone doing the posted speed.

GT and I will try and keep updating as we know more. Right now, nothing has really changed since our arrival, just that she has had a few moments of more coheriency. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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