Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Well, we had an OK weekend as a family. It was OK because of weather...all in all it was a great time. We headed out on Friday afternoon to the coastal area of Washington, Pacific Beach, to a "resort" run by the Navy. It took us about an hour and 30 minutes maybe a bit longer to get there, but the ride went well. We got checked in, and we were the only tents there til a bit later when a family in a pop-up trailer and then another family showed up in the evening. The sites were wide open, so no privacy, but it ended up being ok. It was a brisk night but the sunset was gorgeous! I had to remember my grandmother's teaching of "red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky at dawn, sailor's take warn". The sky was as red as could be, which opened up to a beautiful Saturday!

The resort had "Family Day" activities on Saturday which included a scavanger hunt and frisbee golf. We did not win, but we had a good time doing both. We walked the beach with the dogs and had a good time taking pictures and just being together.

Sunday was cold! It was overcast and just yucky. So after a drive on the beach, I told G that we needed to have a family meeting and decide whether to stay the night or pack up and go home. Reasoning was that if it was cold now, it was going to be colder come nightfall. Votes counted, we packed up and left in an hour! LOL there was a 10 degree temp difference between there and home! Not to mention the sunshine. Alyssa followed us home, so we got to spend more time wtih her as well.

Monday we took a short jaunt across the lake in our kayaks and then went to the Clearwood Pool that opened over the weekend. Then we bbq'd and watched Juno and 27 dresses. Oh, and ice cream sundaes 2 nights in a row, complete with waffle bowls, chocolate or caramel syrup, whipped cream and cherries!

Tuesday, I had to be to work at 7am. Alyssa took Jordan and Katie to school then stopped in to say goodbye before heading out for home. Sad to see her go, as always. I feel for her and Katie though, they are so close and I know that the goodbyes are very had on them. I think we are all hoping with her having her own car and license, we will see more of her. We all miss her bunches, and it is great to have times like we did this weekend.

Some pics are below, and anyone wanting info on where we went, just google pacific beach resort and conference center!

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