Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank You to the Bald Hills Fire Department

We took Zach to the fire department last night and wanted to take Katie in. The first person on the scene was there, he was happy to see her and see that she was OK. I have this gut-wrenching feeling that we are extremely lucky she is here with us. I can't shake it and it is haunting me. When I see those bike pictures I feel so sick and I can not help but cry. One of her friend's mom came over the other night and she started crying telling me what she saw when she walked up on Katie. She said she could hardly recognize her; she was white and just laying there. Looking at the markings on the ground, it looks as though she may have landed a good 3 feet from where she was struck. The guy's face last night was just so indescribable, and I almost feel as though her acting and looking so normal and us as well is an injustice to those who helped her. Believe me, I am not taking this lightly. I am scared to death and keep seeing the worst happening every time I think of the accident even though it did not happen, and I am so grateful. I have not said I love you so many times as I have in the past week.

I guess I am in shock now...I dunno what else to call it. I was not here, and I am almost glad I wasn't because if I had to see her I can only imagine what images would be going through my head compared to the ones I have now. Maybe that is why I am seeing what I am...because I was not here. Although, I know it would have been no different, because I sit at home on my ass when I am here because I literally hate being here at times...but maybe since G was home I would not have been, and it was nice out, had I not been working maybe we would have been doing something else, IDK.

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