Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time for an Update

Good Mornin! LOL only been up since 5am and fell asleep after 1...gonna drag some butt today! Sooo, been a few since an update from the household! Here goes! I put in my 2 weeks at work. I made the decision after a few days of nastiness at home on my part. It is taking its toll me being gone all night...well, 6-11 is not all night, but I see G not at all on weekdays, he is sound asleep when I get home and I am getting tired of doing dishes at midnight! Plus, G will be starting yet another school for his MOS, and can not guarantee that he will be home for me to get to work by 6 (we are not leaving Katie without one of us). So, putting in 2 weeks enables me to be rehireable. With that said, I have been "coached" twice for going over my 5 hour mark 2 days last week, and I know I did again on Monday. Well, no one told me I had to be out by 10:59 and not 11pm so not to violate the meal time (must have meal break at 5 hour mark). So, the mgr that talked to me last night she said this being the 2nd, they may just be coaching me out of a job! The coaching last night was over a 23 second lapse! OMG! I wanted to just walk off. I log off the register at 1045, but then I zone and clean up whatever I see along my way to the back of the store, I am not just twiddling my thumbs. Such crap. I am losng 15 hrs a week as it is, so leaving those 15 minutes takes off another hour. I am just waiting to go in and get coached again as they pull up other times. A part of me just wants to say SEE YA!

The kids are doing well. I hear a ton of the "there is nothing to do outside" from Zach, Jordan has spent his days outside, and Katie is ready for the pool daily at noon! LOL She is such a fish. Hawaii did her well! LOL Zach is in a parade tonight for Yelm Prarie Days with the Fire Department. All but Katie's report card has come. With those of you knowing the hard time I had with the principal on two occassions, I am waiting anxiously so not to have to start a scene with the school system over her. Will let ya know how that goes.

G is on his final week of flag detail. Thank you!!!! LOL Gas is just too expensive for him to do the drive on weekends essentially for nothing...and he leaves here at 415 every morning and that really sucks. So, he will be back to a normal schedule for a week or so and then starts another class so not sure what the timeline will be on that. But, a neighbor and he may carpool a few days a week and that will be nice on the gas bill. I keep trying to get him to look into the vanpool but you know men!

So, there is an update from here. Nothing really going on. Summertime is here (I am hoping). This week has been sunny and suppose to be mid-80's the weekend! YIPPIE!!!! Maybe I can get some sun and start feeling better...not to mention get some color to my skin. TTYS

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