Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Murphey, the giver of horrid luck decided to take up residence at Sami's place it seems. When I asked for him to go away, I really did not mean to place him with someone I love! Sami has been enduring the hard times associated with Lyme Disease and fighting to get better...she had a PICC line inserted and then had some complications on Friday and spent the weekend in ICU. She came home yesterday to find a large hole in their pool, lost power, and then a phone call you never want to get, in that Tony's dad was suffering a heart attack and was on his way to the hospital. So, I ask that if you have a little extra time today, say a prayer for their family...that Sami starts to feel better, that Tony's dad makes a quick recovery without complications, and for Tony to be watched over and not to worry too much about those he loves. Poor guy...and also that her two children have a safe flight from NY to here tomorrow to see their father! Hopefully to see me too!! hehehe

We are still awaiting our hardship withdrawl from the retirement savings. We submitted the request on the 13th and it was denied because they could not read our bank deposit info...no phone call, just denied it. So, refaxed it the 20th and still have not received it. So much for a hardship withdrawl. I wrote rubber checks for food over the weekend so I was already in the hole, we have nil for gas in the vehicles and no money to pay any bills...I am so sick of being flat broke and sick of making payment arrangements, and for the first time in 16 years i went to the food bank! Not a good thing to do when everyone is on hard times though, cause the baked items we got 1 was moldy the next day...the potatoes were pretty much all bad, no meats, not even canned like you use to get, no cheese (those big USDA blocks). Pretty much the foods were all donated boxed and canned, nothing from the USDA like you use to get 15 years ago. I truly now wonder what it will take for the government to see ho hard the US is having it; at least the normal citizens...not those famous people foreclosing on multi-million dollar homes, the normal people getting foreclosed on the ranch homes on less than an acre, losing their jobs, fighting debt just to be able to drive to work.

I have a pinched nerve in my neck causing me throbbing pain above and behind my right ear. I wince every few seconds depdngin on how I am posture wise. It has been going on since Saturday afternoon...and last week from Sunday through Tuesday I had a kink in the same side, just in my neck and shoulder area, so I know something is wrong. I can not seem to get into the damn doctor though here for anything. Plus, for the past at least 6 years, every ache and pain I ever got was blamed on me being obese, so I am sure that will be the case here as well.

G did go get a 2nd opinion from another neuro doc today on the cyst in his back. I am frustrated, so I am sure he is. The doc said he wants to follow-up with him in 6 months, and did do some other tests on him like reflexes and movement, and said there is nothing he sees the cyst causing any restrictions. He said they are common, but from what I have found they are not. But, told him that he would not advise surgery for his other back issues....so essentially the poor man is suppose to live in pain forever. He hurts to do the dishes, to carry Katie, to do just about anything and he is just suppose to live with it and pop pills. That is a pretty shitty quality of life.

Well, kids are fighting so that means I have to go. Forbid they get along for one day or not fight or clean up after themselves or anything civil.

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Jen said...

Barb I'm so sorry for your luck lately. I hope it all changes soon and I mean soon. Hugs to Katie, I hope she is doing better. And hugs to you too & G.