Friday, June 6, 2008

More on Katie

OK, I got to take Katie home on Tuesday evening. It was kind of nerve-wracking. her nurse, Jenn, did not really want to see her leave yet, as she was on the fence as wo whether she was ready. I felt the same way. I know she was hungry, as she asked for food, but then did not eat it when I got it. I think she was afraid of getting sick becuase she had done that so much the days prior. She was so sad, crying over wanting to go home, it made me ache.

So, we left the hospital about 6pm. We stopped to get her some juice and poweraid and she had asked for popcorn chicken (which she did not eat). I also had to buy motrin for her becuase it was time and her head was aching. This bothered us, made G think we had made a mistake on bringing her home. I sat with her on the way home from the store so that her head was not bobbling around. When we got home, all the kids were outside waiting to see her. Her friend, Sade, came in to play with her. This brightened her spirits. They played "school" and ate chicken! Woohoo! She slept with us Tuesday night just for us to be reassured!

Wed morning, she got up and dressed and came in telling us she wanted to go to school. We were flabbergasted! LOL We decided to tell her what had really happened. The tale of bumping her head or having a broken head like a broken arm was not really sinking in. So, I was sitting with her in my bed, and I asked about the day and what she may remember. After talking about the trampoline and playing outside I tole her that Jordan went inside to get a drink and she got on her bike, rode across the street, and on her way back was hit by a truck. She looked at me, smiled, and responded with "If I was hit by a truck, I would be dead". So, my responses from there went into that is why everyone is worried about her, because she could have been more hurt. I also had to explain this was why the doctors want to have her take it easy and keep her brain brom bobbling!

The day went well, a nap around noon, then a house full of kids to play with after school. It went nice though. I spent the day cleaning her room and toys, we took her bed down so not to have her hit her head or fall off of it and she has her mattress on the floor and I hung all the cards from her school around her bed. She is drinking and eating here and there but it is great to see her do. After everyone went home and I was putting her to bed, I asked her if she noticed everyone was wearing helmets on their bikes today. I told her that was becuase of her being hit. I also let her know that she would never be allowed on her bike without one becuase had she been wearing it, her helmet would have been bonked and not her head! She asked if she was going to get a new bike, and I told her as soon as the doc gave her permission to ride again. My little daredevil girl here!

Today we were up early to take Zach to a doc appt. She did not want to get out of She had a slight headache, was drinking poweraid, then chocolate milke and donuts! When we got home, she and G took a nap while I cleaned house! So nice to get it done! LOL Now she is playing with 2 friends in her room; playing school!

It is going to be a windy road I think...headaches that come and go, but with her having no memory and feeling well, we are going to have to be steadfast in telling her and reminding her that she has a broken head and it needs to heal. She is so darn hard-headed! LOL

Work for me is finito mostlikely. I will not leave her for the summer. I have thought about asking for nights, but I dunno if they will do it. We shall see. If not, we are prepared for me to not be working, at least not outside of the home. I need to be with my children.

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