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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Stinky the Cat
Well, this has to go backwards a bit to get the full effect here.....1st week or so of September last week in August, G told Katie he would get her a kitty. Actually, he asked her what she would think of getting one. I was kinda floored, cause it is usually me getting the animals, not him. So, we go to the Humane Society and we get a kitten after looking at about 50 total between cats and kittens. He is doing the papers, and the guy says "2 for 1" and we went and got a runt, one we had both taken to that looked so one for Katie and one for "us". Now, the kitties stay downstairs. One, because they are small and that is where the litter box and food is located, and two because Princess Stinky is the ruler of our room! Well, Stinky did not take to the new kitties very well. Even though her head was as big as their bodies, she was a growling fool and running like the devil when they were around. Well, Stinky then decided she no longer wanted to be in the same house with them, so she chewed and clawed her way out the laundry room window! Come back in when I open the door in the AM, and right back up to my room...where she has essentially lived since we adopted her 3 years ago! When we left for emergency leave, we had a friend watch the cats. We closed all windows and such, or so I thought....til one day about a week into leave, Gabby called and said Stinky got out. She managed to squeeze through the one window G left open and pop out the screen and run. Well, about a week after we got home, she finally came back. She is dirty and thin as can be. For almost 2 weeks now I have tried to feed her, get her to drink, and nothing. She would drink some water and then throw it up withing 20 minutes. She would not eat food, not even chunk chicken I tried to give her. I went and bought baby kitten formula, and I finally got her to drink a bit of that, but not enough to sustain her. She has been walking around lately, so I thought we were making some progress, until yesterday. She walked down here and when she shook her head, she nearly fell over. She could not hold herself up to scratch. I gave her the formula again, I got a piece of steak from dinner, and she chowed it down! So, I got her more. Progress! I did the same today, fed her steak, gave her chicken broth, water...but she was so weak and wobblie it was sad. So, G and I had been talking about taking her to the vet. I really wanted to try what I could before hand...we just do not have the extra cash to toss around with moving. Her weakness today, we both realized she has to go or she is going to die. To us, it was like she was committing suicide by not eating all because we brought home 2 kittens! Stubborn cat! So, tonight we went to the vet. Her starvation has caused fat to build in her liver and her liver can not process it. Normal liver function numbers are as high as 111. Stinky's was 1138. Her liver is not functioning. We had 2 price options, staying there for care at $1368 or coming home for $398. Luckily, the vet thought if I was managing to get her to eat something, she can be home, but if she does not continue to eat, she has to go there. We walked out paying $400 and getting 4 medications to bring home and her getting blood drawn from 3 spots because her veins collapsed she is so dehydrated, 100cc's of saline in her tissue to absorb (which it did immediately), and 2 shots, one of antibiotic and one to help her liver and the jaundice. G laughed at himself saying he made fun of a friend who spent $400 on their anumal, then tonight, he did just that. I was the one scared to pay the amount, scared of the thought of it! He just kept talking to Stinky. I am still worried that it put us out alot with the moving and bills to clear housing, but it is done now. I just hope she gets healthy so she can travel with us to Washington. She needs to be healthy before we can get her certificate OKing her to fly. So, for you animal lovers, can you say a little prayer for Stinky? She needs them. She needs to get better, healthy, and more vibrant. We need her to get better. She is a part of the Stultz Ohana!
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Sunday, October 7, 2007
Need to Scream
I am ready to lose my sanity, or what sanity I have left at the moment. We have 3 weeks and 4 days until being homeless. Then, 7 days later we fly to another place to be homeless. Does anyone seem to care? Or how about care that we really do not need to be off the island by November 7th nor do we need to take 28 days leave. You know, leave you want to take, not leave I have asked you to take...seems to be the regular story of leave in this house! God forbid I want you to take some time for ME! So, how much am I suppose to look and tell you about? You can call, you can e-mail, you can actually help out here! I am not Wonder Woman. I am sick of pretending to be!
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007
I Need a Time-Out
I feel the need to scream and send my kids away. I have just about lost control with the 5-year old I have. OMG if I hear "you aren't the boss" or "I don't care" or "no" and many many more of the things that come out of her mouth when told not to do womething or don't touch something, leave the cat alone, go upstairs....I am so ready to just throw something!!!Not to mention I am preparing for this move and made sticky notes of things to do. I bought them specifically for this purpose, nice and bright so everyone could see them and maybe do something. Well, I told Jordan at 9:52 that he could be on the computer until 10:30 and then I wanted some help. Nada, zip, nothing! It is now 1:57. He just brought up his like 5 pieces of clothing that was folded! What a great kid, huh?!So, this is my break for now. I need to go switch out laundry and so another sticky note! I am sure I will be back later...this is going ot be my outlet!
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September 21, 2007
Yet another day of frustration come and gone and it seems today is one more. We took on the task of redoing Mom’s tub. It needed it and G and I can’t seem to get enough fixer-upper projects! We enjoy them, so I guess that is a good thing! Well, what we thought would be 2 days turned into 3 now. Found an unexpected leak and G made a small boo-boo, so we had to get some new plumbing hardware and learn how to sweat the pieces together! We were suppose to be at Jo’s somewhat early for a late b-day thing for Katie and so she could see Alexis and the kids before we left, we got there late, but we got there. We asked for a ride to the airport for today and got told, “I’m not driving to Tacoma”. Kinda pisses me off….my family has put us up and fed us for nearly 2 weeks; we use their cars, washer, electricity and his family is too busy to even give us a ride so we can get home! My family can’t do it today….Jeremy has to help someone with some concrete and Mom is suppose to be at a b-day party for Chris’s gf’s brother. So, now I am yet again looking for rental cars. Hopefully I can find a one-way rental from Kelso to Tacoma so we don’t have to do a 2 hour drive to get a car then back then back up again! Oh, and here is my answer from the budget site Sorry, but we don't allow rentals between those locations. Please change your entries and try again.Guess we are making a 2 hour trip into 2 up, get rental, 2 down to return truck to Mom’s, then 2 back up to the hotel/airport. What fun huh?! Gotta go finish the tub!
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September 17, 2007
I did alot of thinking and tossing around of thoughts and feelings while on our emergency mini-vacation in Oregon. I didn't have the best online access (dial-up) and I was not very sociable the night I wrote this...but i need to get it out. There are things I say that explain things I, I can look back on it later as well. TodaySeptember 17, 2007Well, today is just another day that I can classify as one of those days. I guess it all started yesterday though. At lunch, I found that there was a flight leaving McChord into Travis tomorrow, the 18th. I was excited. G could only say that I didn’t want to fly on a C-130 if I thought flying on a C-17 was uncomfortable. Well, I want to get home! You can strap me to the damn nose at this point and I will be happy. Today, I got up and started looking for one-way car rentals and of course, found none. So, I told my mom, and she said to call my brother and ask him to drive us the 2 hours. She said she was amazed G had not asked him yesterday. So, I told G to do it. He complained that we all would not fit cause Mom said for both bros to go to keep each other company on the drive back. He did call and left a message.I was packing. Alyssa was up and I heard Katie ask her if she was coming home with us. It just broke me yet again. After being here, I firmly believe that moving from us and not having a plan is the worst mistake she could ever make in her life and that she will never get on track and amount to much at the rate and route she is traveling on. So, needless to say, it made me unhappy the rest of the time and I was in the bathroom crying. G left to take her to work without speaking to me, and I had everything ready to go. Mom isn’t feeling well and had a trip, so the boys and I sat here waiting for everyone to get here to go to the airport. Jeremy arrived and I had the boys put the luggage in the truck, then G showed up. I could tell he was pissed about something. So, I went to look up plane, bus, and train tickets. I then told him we had $400 and a train as early as Saturday would cost us $180.90 to get to Sacramento. Then, we have to hop on another to get outside of Travis and a cab onto Travis to wait for another plane to Hickam. That is, if we do not go and catch the plane out of McChord; but I told him this was his choice because I did not want to be to blame if we did the drive and got no flight, no way back here, and no way we could spend a week in the hotel on base plus food. So, he made calls to no avail to find out time and seating on the C-130 for almost 2 hours. My brother is asking me what is going on and I told him I had no idea, ask G. Next thing you know, G is bringing in the luggage and says we are taking a train Saturday. I left. I cried and made a call to vent. I want to go home! Not that I don’t want to see my Mom, but I have to prepare to move. I have 3 cats at home with a neighbor watching them, 12 kids and parents waiting on trophies, 2 children on the verge of being dropped from school, my schooling to be done, and a house to go to! So, I get a call from his mom about Katie’s fundraiser, and she asked where I was. I told her, started to tell her the whole thing, but lost her. Kinda gave her a rundown and that I was here and maybe we will get together for Katie’s birthday. Get back to Mom’s. Both boys and my brother tell me that G told my bro that it is my fault we are stuck here! Excuse me?! Is it because I decided I needed to pay bills so we don’t have money to just up and leave, or is it because we call came and not just him? I have no idea, but my fault my ass. I have done nothing but look for houses to live in, check ticket prices, call the flight recording…..I am sick of doing all the thinking and planning and being the responsible one for our entire family. I am not the only adult here! I want to go home! Do you not think I am wanting to do whatever I can to get there? I was offered a ticket leaving tomorrow…me and Katie…I am very, very tempted after that comment. I am sick of being the only adult and the responsible one. The responsible one would be thinking of their kids and not the uncomfortable plane ride!I can only think straight for so long. I can only suck it up for so long. Suck up the feelings of being worthless because I don’t help financially; suck up the not clean enough or not having dinner done; suck up the not being fit enough; suck up the not handling money right and not saving or filing bankruptcy and it fucking us; sucking up the kids being mouthy and getting away with shit and having no respect; suck up the moving or deployments, late nights, field problems; suck up the lack of communication, feelings, sex, love making, holding, crying, feeling; suck up the non-existence or recognition within your work world; suck up being a single parent in a dual parent house; suck up missing friends or not having any to fill the voids or the adult times; what more do you want me to suck up and not ever dwell on or feel? Do you want me to turn into a cold-hearted bitch that cares about nothing and no one? Do you want me to turn into you, who only feels in private or hides behind a facad (sp)? Has anyone though about what I feel lately? I came because I worried about G. I was worried that he had not had any deaths to deal with and this may be hard on him. I want to support him. That is what I am suppose to do and what I want to do. I got closed out of those feelings 100%. I asked no questions but hurt inside. I listened to everyone express happiness of us moving here; everyone except Uncle Bob, who asked me why G was worried about everyone else and not us, his family. I had to laugh…that is my thought. Then, when I told my mom, she was happy and had tears in her eyes. Can you imagine the thoughts in my head and heart, knowing I did not want to move here, but everyone, even my Mom was so happy we would be here. All I could ask myself was what is wrong with me, why am I not happy like everyone else? Do you know how that tears me up inside? I just don’t, no explanation other than I do not want to be here. Yes, I want the kids in smaller schools, I want the family environment, I want the sports, the outdoors, but I don’t want here. I also know that it is not going to be a family here, it is going to be me and the kids while he serves in Iraq. I will be mother, father, cheerleader, supporter in a place I really have no desire to be. So, here I sit in Brownsmead typing my thoughts, drinking a 4 pack of lemon drops and listening to Kenny…the man I want to go retire by and stalk…lol. Living a life of relaxation and happiness in a beach cabana surrounded by white sands and turquoise waters. Living a life knowing I was the best Mom I could be and am still the best wife I know how to be…that seems to be so far out of reach these days. Haven’t I tried hard enough and loved hard enough and struggled enough to have that dream and desire? Am I suppose to struggle like my parents and be in my 50’s before I get a sense of happiness but still working my fingers to the bone and never retiring? I sure hope not…bury me now if I have to go through all this til the day I die, because I don’t want to struggle and be unhappy all the time or wondering about my future or bills…I just don’t want to do that…I started too young to have to do this til I am 80. OH, and through this whole trip, I have regained 6 pounds!! Yeah for me.

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