Thursday, March 13, 2008

Love Kids

You know....gotta love them, right? Unless you are in my family!

So, kids got told for the umteenth millionth time to clean their room. Jordan of course hates to touch anything and then Zach gets pissy and goes off and threatens and hits and all that nice stuff. Well, then the door of course got slammed and he kicks Jordan out so I opened the door and removed it from its hinges.

Zach was sitting behind the door and making it hard for me to unscrew the remainder so it made him move. Well, then I got the entire "you are a bitch. I fucking hate you. No wonder Alyssa moved out, she hates you. no wonder your family hates you, you are a bitch. You cry over them and they hate you becuase of who you are."

I remained calm, said yes to all he said and walked away. Boy do I want to know if it is all true. But, you know what, it really is not worth it to me. I made a call today and got told, "I’m cooking, bye" Whatever! I am not worth the time of day and that is fine. I really just hate the fact that I am suppose to bury emotions for their sakes...but I guess it is really for my sake too.

So, there is my vent for the time being. I am not speaking to him. I am not going to give him the satisfaction this time of being able to say those things and get away with it. I am not a doorstep and he will not treat me the way they treat me and if he wants to he can crawl back to them if they will take him and never look back my way. I am sick of being everyones little stomping ground. I have feelings too. I have more than most I guess cause I take offense!

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