Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Melaleuca Information

I was researching Melaleuca more today and I came across some things I thought were interesting as well as informative.

"The products that Melaleuca researches, develops and manufactures are products that we all use 20+ times per day. Products that are completely recession proof as we will continue to brush our teeth and wash our clothes etc no matter what the state of the economy."

'Every Melaleuca product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any EcoSense product fails to meet your highest expectations, contact us within 60 days for a full credit or exchange.'

"Melaleuca's products are natural consumable products with ingredients whose properties have been verified or improved scientifically. Only well-researched ingredients of the highest quality are used in the products.

Product development of each new product begins with selecting the highest-grade ingredients that meet strict requirements for quality, strength and purity. Every step of the formulating and manufacturing processes are then monitored to insure the product will perform far beyond anything available in conventional grocery and drug stores.

Research staff continually seeks to improve and stringently monitor the quality of every ingredient, conducting over 45,000 ingredient inspections. Each month, they monitor the quality of each product in over 7,000 laboratory tests to prove that product performance measures up to the highest of standards and delivers real wellness benefits.

KNOWING that Sol-U-Gard has been scientifically tested, and kills Staph infection HIV, TB, and salmonella certainly eases my mind as a customer and user of these products. Not only does it make the air in my home smell fresh and clean, but I know it kills germs carried into the home by all of us. Febreeze makes my house smell good, but it doesn't kill the germs. Lysol only kills germs on surfaces, not in the air, Sol-U-Guard."

"96% of customers that reorder month to month"

"With Melaleuca, you are NOT a Manufacturer's Rep for the products, we don't sell the products ourselves to the customer, all we do is sign them up for membership, it is up to the 'Preferred Customer' to look into the products and buy them for themselves, and if they want to advertise their website so other consumers can have the opportunity to do the same is all up to them, not for the person that signed them up."

"$29 for membership to be able to buy products 30-40% in savings, sure makes a lot of sense to me. And I did get this $29 back in my first month of ordering my own products for the month, as I saved $33.62 on my first order from the Retail Price, so it is true, NO RISK. " ***the reference to $29 is the regular price and right now the special is $1***

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