Thursday, March 20, 2008

ICalling Family, Friends, and those of you "Going Green"

I have a favor to ask for any of you who have looked at my blogs about Melaleuca. If you haven't looked at the blogs, or checked out the site, or even read any of it, take a look! Now, to my favor....I want you all to look at it again. I don't want you to look at it as I want you to buy from me, becuase you are not buying from me at all. You are buying from the company, for yourself, for the things you use daily and need weekly, monthly, bi-monthly anyway! I am not asking you to join my team and market Melaleuca, although that would be a great thing for many reasons, rather I am asking you to purchase a brand I have come to rely on and believe in and I think you will too.

I have answers for product questions, I have answers regarding prices, ingredients, the money-back guarantee...ask me! Please inquire about it! You have to have something to ask about after reading my blogs. Look at the website, find a question to ask me! Let me introduce you to something that will benefit you and your family in more ways than one.

I am going to do this as a business now, after alot of thought. After procrastinating, after telling myself how much I hate "selling", I had to instead tell myself that I need to get the idea out of Melaleuca and the benefits and the price. I have done comparrison shopping based on price and ingredients. I did it just 2 weeks ago after seeing the new Clorox products. I questioned alot of stuff when I first started purchasing Melaleuca almost a year ago. I know Channon had to think I was going to back out with all the questions I asked!

Now, one thing I hear alot of, is Amway. This is not Amway. You do not buy products and keep them in stock. You do not have to sell anything. You can buy for yourself and your family and that is it! If you want to market the company, go for it, but you do not have to do that in order to get the products. There are no meetings to attend, but you can listen in on product updates and information on the phone or internet if you choose to. There are no "recruiting" requirements to purchase products.

The reason I am bringing this all up again is to give you all the opportunity to take advantage of the $1 enrollment special for the month of March. The normal enrollment fee is $29.95. Don't let it push you off, you are buying from a place sort of like Sam's or Costco where you pay a fee in order to become a member as well; a much higher fee I might ad!

Just ask yourself about what you buy monthly from WalMart, Safeway, Albertsons, etc in the areas of cleaning supplies, hair care, lotions, OTC medicines, make-up, candles, multi-vitamins, diet suppliments, air freshners, antibacterial hand gel and wipes, toothpaste, dental floss....Now ask yourself what those things have in them...what are they made of, are the ingredients all natural, do the vitamins have all the minerals and vitamins I need daily or just a portion, are those cleaning wipes biodegradable, how long is this lotion going to keep protecting me, is that toothpaste ok for my toddler to eat? Or, what about: is it safe for me/my children to be breathing the air filled with that bathroom cleaner I just sprayed, am I suppose to feel light-headed, does smelling like cleaner mean it is clean, will this affect my child's sensative skin, what about his asthma?

Again, ask me questions! Did those things strike you and make you think? Did you look at anything after reading those questions? Did you sit and think of how much you spend on any of those things monthly at the store? Take a minute, or a few minutes, and just think about it.
Think about the words "Going Green". What do they mean to you? Recycling? Using non-aresol cans? Paper rather than plastic, or reusable bags? Biodegradable? Environmentally friendly? Eating healthy? Organic? I believe it is all those things and more. I believe that we all need to take steps to reducing the landfills, the pollution, the health concerns caused by everyday toxins...I also believe that Melaleuca does too, and their products are just the tip of the iceberg on some of the qualities they posess.

For me, just check it out. What is it going to hurt? $1 and an order this month, a money-back guarantee if you are not happy...but I am almost certain that will not be the case! I encourage you to post questions here, that way I can answer it for everyone to see. Maybe you will ask a question that someone else wants to know but doesn't want to ask. I hope to hear from you all soon! I need this favor! I need you to see why I believe in these products the way I do, first hand!

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