Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jordan's Fundraiser

Jordan is doing a fundraiser at school. This is the info the school sent out. Please take a look at it!"We have the opportunity to offer the products as a test market. Northwest Fundraising os offering us EXTRA PROFIT for our help in seeing how their products for this fall will sell. With your help, you can help them while you help us make extra money! We would like to raise enough money to replace our PA system, get new button markers, and a new bullhorn for PE.

This is not a door-to-door solicitation! Friends and family from out of town can place orders online! Please go to:

If you are not sure about placing online orders, you can mail your order to me after looking at the online catalogue!!!

Orders and money must be taken in by March 24th and your products will arrive approximately 4-5 weeks later.

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