Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bad News/Good News

Well, we were awaiting the E-7 list to come out today and G didn't make it. I feel so bad for him, and for all of us as well. This really bites.

He has been in limbo since 2005 April, when he got accepted to reclass in the medical board. He had been slated for BNCOC for his 11C MOS 3 times but could not attend becuase he was reclassifying to 88N. He got slated for the 88N BNCOC and could not attend it because he had not reclassed yet and attended AIT. He asked DA about going to AIT sooner since he got approved to reclass in 2005 and was not slated for AIT until Dec 2007, but they said all the slots were full, so he had to wait.

Well, last year, he was suppose to get looked at for his E-7, but he had not attended BNCOC, so they would not give him a waiver. This year when he got the email about being looked at, they gave him the waiver because it was their delay of him going to BNCOC and he has completed phase 1. So, we were a little hopeful to make the list. but, all the finger-crossing and hoping didn't work, because he is not on the list.

So, now, he will be over 15 years before getting looked at again. This really, really sucks. He should have been an E-8 by now. He would be had he not had an issue early on with some stupid privates when he got his E-5 and then got reduced....and of course we can not forget the injuries that have kept him from being at his best!

On a lighter note...I have a job interview today in Olympia at American General Finance. I have been applying for job after job for almost 2 weeks and was beginning to get really frustrated. Then, yesterday I stopped at a local bank that I had applied for and the bank manager talked to me, had me sign the agreement to look at my background, had me do the little survey thingy and said she will have the results tomorrow and get back to me by the end of the week. Then, I came home and had a message from American General and one from a marketing company. Makes me happy and hoepful...but then the real dilema, which to choose if offered by all. Advice?

American General - fixed hours, no weekends, $12 per hour, 30 mile drive that takes approximately 1 hour to get to, benefits and advancement
Venture Bank - fixed hours, I believe part-time, do not remember the rate of pay miles, takes me 15-20 minutes
Amex Marketing - unsure of the hours or pay, advancement, 32 miles, over an hour cause of Tacoma traffic

Now, I am looking for work to pay a car payment and insurance and have spending money...essentially to supplement. me, ya'll!!!

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