Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Just Me
G has been on leave for his permissive TDY and Katie has been sick since Thursday. What a relaxing Zach turned 15 yesterday and we took him to Hooters as a surprise with one of the kids he and Jordan play with. We had a good time there and then went and ate ice cream at Dairy Queen before going home. On Saturday we went up to the outlet mall and bought him his football cleats and his training shoes for conditioning that started today for high school football. Those were his presents essentially. Today we bought him a cake so he has gotten to celebrate in one way or another for 3 days.We got a 2nd vehicle so I can now start to look for a job for something to do to take up some of my time. I can also get the kids involved in some stuff to keep them from being bored. Their spring break was cut short due to snow/ice days, so now they only have 1 week! YIPPIE!!! I am so glad...I was not looking forward to having them home complaining of being bored for 2 weeks.We want to get the garage ready for the spring and summer. We still have like 3 boxes to unpack in there of nothing essential, and the stuff to hang on the walls when we get the drywall up; then we have Alyssa's things in there and things we have given her for when she gets out on her own. Her bed takes up a not to mention the landlady still has some things in there as well. We are going to keep the paint and stuff though from her cause it is touch up and whatnot and she has some tiles in there we have contemplated asking her about laying in the foyer and the laundry room. Just things to keep I also bought stuff to redo my patio set..this will also be keeping me busy til i find a job to occupy my time.There is an update. I have lots weighing on me right now, but I am not even going to waste my time with blogging it. Life throws you lemons, make lemonade...they throw you shitty family, you make yours better!
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008
Update on Our Friend Robin
Just wanted everyone to know that we received our first small miracle today. The pet scan shows that whatever was in the liver is NOT cancer. That makes a big difference in my prognosis. I start chemo this week in conjunction with radiation. Will probably make me feel horrible but will go a long way in killing this cancer.Please continue to pray for me.RobinPlease continue your prayers! God is working for her!
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Calling All Friends
Just wanted to explain something about loss of communication to those I have not spoken to in a while. First, we have our cells, but no service at the house! We live in the woods...LOL. The cell receives messages and sometimes it rings, but we can't send or answer the phone cause it seems the connection isn't strong enough. Yes, we have home service, but again, we live in the woods! We wanted an all in one package for tv, phone, and internet but the cable company only is able to provide 2 of the 3 services to our area, so we had to go with a different company. We have all 3 services, but we pay for a certain number of long distance minutes. I guess they figure with so many people using cell phones that long distance is over-rated...but since we can't get service here, it isn't over-rated for us! Therefore, it isn't that I do not want to talk to all of our friends, but I don't want to exceed minutes! But, you are welcome to call us! We don't get charged for incoming...LOLJust wanted to clear that up, cause I don't want ya'll to think we are avoiding you or we have one-sided friendships! :-)
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Friday, December 28, 2007
Slide Show

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First, Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope you all had a great Christmas and received all you wished for! I had my hubby home, so all was good!
G got in very late/early however you look at it, and we made it back home from the airport at 3am on the 21st. That day, we had a Christmas concert to go see at Katie and Jordan's school and we spent the evening at home with the kids and Reuben watching movies and eating tacos.
The next day, we left to go pick up Alyssa and Jose for the weekend. It is a 2 hour drive one-way, and after getting there, Jose's parents decide they want to come to the house! Can you say pissed? I don't care that they want to come here, but they could have saved us the gas and mileage if that was their plan all along! So, they came up for like an hour, to see where their son was going to be and talk a little about the kids' relationship, then off they went back to Vancouver.

On our anniversary, we went Christmas shopping. We hit up the Tacoma Mall, Toys R Us, and then to Outback for dinner. Made it home by 9pm, passed up going to a movie to save some cash since we had a trip to Vancouver to bring Jose home in the morning, and just wrapped some gifts and went to bed. The next morning, we opened our gifts from Alyssa and from my mom, Alyssa and Jose opened our gifts, and then off we went on our southerly trip. Jose's parents would not meet us, so we took him to Vancouver and then drove to Knappa to see G's dad since we had promised to see him that day. We then dropped Alyssa off at G's mom's so that she could spend Christmas with all of us the next day. She was suppose to work, but the schedule changed so she was able to spend it with all of us. We made it back home at 9:30 pm and I spent the rest of the night wrapping gifts, cause I procrastinate soooo much!!
Christmas morning did not start til after 9am! That's right, no kids came in til after then! G and I did not exchange gifts, and the kids went through theirs in record time! LOL Then, on the road we went to head to Clatskanie. There was rain at out place, a mix of snow and rain 40 miles away, then pure snow 29 miles outside of Kelso, then back to the mixture. It snowed throughout the day, which was so pretty. We spent a great Christmas with family and food! When we left, Longview was a slushy mess, but cleared up before home and not a trace of snow to be found. So sad...I really wanted some snow.
The past few days I have spent fighting a nasty cold. G started to get it on the way home Christmas night, and he laid in bed covered from head to toe and got it out quickly. Me, I rarely get sick, and this is kicking my butt. To add to it, my boss called last night. He had called while we were out on the 23rd, then while I was in bed the 26th, I called him yesterday but he was out of the office, and so he called again last night and finally we touched base. He let me know that he did nto think the job was going to work. He and Jamie had talked alot and they hired 3 people throughout the year and with tax season upon us, they felt they did not have time to train someone on the systems. He offered to pay me for the time I had come in and I told him no. He did give me a job lead though. He talked to the local CPA here in Yelm and gave him all my info and the gentleman offered to interview me. So, I am going to be giving him a call to see if maybe that will work out.
So, there is the update from our house. Please read my previous blog, and if you are a praying person, please lift your prayers to Robin and her family.

I wish you all a wonderful remainder of 2007 and a prosperous New Year in 2008.

Prayers for a Friend Please
I have received an e-mail from a family friend and she is in need of your prayers and thoughts. Robin is the wife of G's previous 1SG in Hawaii. He is also the man that taught G and Zach to scuba dive. Their children and our children were the best of friends, especially Jordan and their son Sean. It was so hard to say goodbye when they left Hawaii or better things. Their daughter, Rachel, is a miracle in herself. She was told she would never walk, never do things normal children do because of cancer that took over her legs and she has since lost the feeling in her legs, but she walks, and runs, and dances like any normal little girl. I learned so much from that family. I learned to keep my mouth shut, to open my mouth, and most of all, to believe! Robin needs prayers right now. Here is the letter I have received.Hi everyone,While I am not one to ask for things for myself. Things have happened in the past week that I need prayers for. It started about a month a go. My head and throat started swelling. The doctors thought it was allergy. I thought it was something in the house. The Army Environment Health came out and tested. They found 5 times the level of formaldehyde in the house. They moved us into a new house. The problem was I wasn't getting better. I went to the emergency room. They did several scans and found a 5 cm mass on my chest. It is right in front of the bronchial tumbe and growing into the superior vena cava that is affecting my breathing. They have diagnosed it as lung cancer though it's not in my lung and they also found a spot on my liver that they think could be cancer also. We're not sure of the prognosis because I told them I don't want to know, I will fight for as long as possible. They say it's not connnected to the foramledyde, but an xray 5 months ago showed there was absolutely nothing abnormal. I have already started radiation and am starting to feel better.All I am asking for is PRAYERS....LOTS of PRAYERS. You can send this to anyone you know, because prayers are what's going to save me.Also, if anyone has stories of inspiration about cancer survivors or incredible defiance of the odds, please send them to me, I need them a lot.Anyone who knows me though, knows I will not go down without a fight.ThanksRobin
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