Thursday, August 27, 2009

Been a long while

It has been a looong while since I have posted a blog. Things have just kinda gone in circles for me and fast it seems. Summer is almost over and life really needs to get back to normal with the kids. Zach will be a Junior in high school and is taking some vocational type classes for auto mechanics. Jordan will be in 8th grade and concentrating on sports and his new found interest in God and youth group. Katie will be going back to school after my 3 month attempt at homeschooling. The principal has left her school so I feel she can go back. George deployed to Iraq on July 19th for a year. He is in Basrah at a base formerly ran by the British and it has very few amenities until the US has started building! By the time he leaves it may be almost up-to-par to live at, and then we will give it all back to the Iraqi's! What a waste of money!

I will be heading to Hawaii in October for a friend's retirement from the Navy after 30 years! I am planning a week, but boy I wish it could be more! George and I still both miss it so much and we are really planning to be back in the future for good! Me...well, I am just getting by. I have a few things in the works for me, but nothing I am saying until it is actually a go and I may not say anything until completed! I need to just get up and finish something I start and do what I need to do for a self esteem boost! I have been told to start taking more pics and get back into what I loved before coming to WA, maybe going back to Hawaii and having my new cam will help me. I am sure I will take some wonderful pictures there. Maybe it will interest me more in finding the beauty here in WA.

Anyway, there is a small update on me. Nothing much going on here with the exception of procrastinating and laziness lately. I will try to post on here more often, it will help me I am sure!

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